•  Safe in the Streetz: CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING PROGRAM Program Overview: The Street Wize Foundation’s Safe in the Streetz CPR & First Aid Training Program,  is designed to help participants recognize and appropriately respond to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies.  In addition, participants will develop valuable life skills that can assist them in […]

  • RIDE SAFE COMMUNITY BICYCLE PROGRAM PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The Ride Safe Community Bike Project exists to: encourage the use of bicycles and promote road safety to reduce the incidents of bicycle related injuries and fatalities; assist all bicyclists in learning to maintain their vehicles through proper care and maintenance; provide a space for sharing community resources […]

  • Street Wize Foundation’s Go Gorilla Youth Fitness Program Team works with area youth to help get exercise and fight childhood obesity and provide overweight prevention workouts with dance lessons to encourage and promote an active lifestyle for kids and Children in Washington DC, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City.

  • Green Streetz is a campaign designed to educate and mobilize low-income communities and communities of color to participate in the new and developing clean-energy economy.

  • The Street Wize Foundation Youth Online Gambling Awareness Program is a service designed to help youth, and those who work with or influence youth, between the ages of 10 and 24 identify and deal with potentially addictive behaviors like gambling.