Youth Gambling Awareness Program

The Street Wize Foundation Youth Online Gambling Awareness Program is a service designed to help youth, and those who work with or influence youth, between the ages of 10 and 24 identify and deal with potentially addictive behaviors like gambling.

Working directly with our youth, parents, teachers, and other health professionals, we provide:

  • Prevention and education programs to help reduce the potential harm associated with youth online gambling, including curriculum support and risk assessments
  • Community awareness sessions, including presentations to schools and youth organizations
  • Information that will help you weigh the costs and benefits of gambling
  • Decision-making and coping strategies that will help you remain a responsible member of the community
  • Referral to gambling treatment services

Studies show that gambling patterns often can begin as early as the age of eight.  Using a harm reduction approach, Street Wize Foundation aims to provide youth with the skills they need to become happy, healthy, and productive adults.

Why Street Wize?

Street Wize Foundation’s “Safe in the Streetz” prevention program is essential to improving individual health, personal development and creating a healthier community.

“Safe in the Streetz” is a prevention and education program designed to reduce the potential harm that may be associated with youth gambling.
We do not make value judgments about on-line gambling; rather, we see it as an activity in which people may or may not engage. Through a harm reduction approach, we support young people to make informed decisions. The program provides free information sessions to youth ages 10-24 and people who influence and work with youth in Washington DC area.

Key Messages

Today’s youth are the first to grow up in a society in which online gambling is legalized and actively promoted, normalized and glamorized.

The “Safe In The Streetz” Youth Online Gambling Awareness program supports youth by providing accurate information about gambling and by facilitating a discussion of gambling issues that affect young people today.

Parents and professionals who work with children and youth need information and children need to be encouraged to talk about emerging societal issues that may affect themselves, their families and their communities.

The topic is gambling but the message of these presentations is consistent with all Street Wize Foundation programming for children and youth with a focus on decision making skills, coping strategies, asset development and critical thinking

Research Shows

  • Adolescents report significantly higher rates of problem gambling
    than adults
  • Problem gamblers are significantly more likely to start gambling
    earlier in life than non-problem gamblers.
  • Gambling patterns begin as early as 8 years of age and can be established before an adolescent reaches high school.
  • Youth are less likely to get involved in problematic or criminalized behaviors if their coping strategies are enhanced

Program Basics

A series of interactive, age appropriate presentations that are approximately 1 hour in length (flexible). The age groups we work with are:
11-14, 15-18, and 19-24 as well as specific presentations for camp environments, topics covered include:

  • Understanding Odds and Randomness
  • Definition of Gambling
  • The Gambling Continuum
  • Skill vs. Chance
  • Signs of Problem Gambling
  • Harm Reduction Strategies

Other Services

In addition to presentations to schools and organizations that work with youth we also provide:

  • Educational workshops for Parents, Teachers, Health professionals and other agencies & organizations working with youth.
  • Referral to gambling treatment services.

Program Outcomes

Street Wize Foundation’s YOGAP Program will reach youth ranging from 10-24 and provide them with the following knowledge and resources:

  • Understanding Odds and Randomness Concepts
  • Definition of On-Line Gambling
  • The Gambling Continuum
  • Definition of Skill vs. Chance
  • Youth will Know the Signs of Problem Gambling
  • Will be equipped with Harm Reduction Strategies
  • Will have Knowledge and have access to On-line Gambling treatment resources

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